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Wilding "Wild 'n'Woolly Farm"...

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

The will go dead on March 8, 2021. Wild 'n' Woolly Farm is shifting gears, shifting 'views', and taking on a more native look...we are no longer breeding sheep and cattle, and have passed on our legacy to two younger families who will continue our philosophy to breed only the hardiest of animals--productive, sound, well tempered, pastorally fed and nurtured. You will find us @ where I will post daily - photos and musings - as to the what, why, and how 40 years of farming led us to give back to the farm what it graciously gave to us all these many years. I thought it appropriate to change, ever so slightly, the name: Wild 'n' Woolly Farm to Wilding Woolly Farm as that is what has and is happening here. Please join us as we continue OUR journey. Dyeing COOPWORTH wool is my passion - I will continue doing so - utilizing the wool from the 25 sheep we have kept and from some at our 'legacy' farm, "Malik Family Farm"..ALL Wild 'n' Woolly COOPWORTH Wool Locks, Roving, Yarns, etc. will be available from either of the two farms. We will maintain our presence during the MD Sheep & Wool Festival and the Fall Fiber Festival! Our passion is to pass on excellent breed quality, breeding principles, and find balance in the natural world with all things universal, great and small, plant and animal...

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