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"Today, It's About the Sheep"…well, about this Shepherd, and this very Present Moment!

…Yesterday I started this post. Yesterday, I-THIS Shepherd-reached a milestone in my thinking about Sheep and my Life, my Writing and “Just Being Present, this very moment”. I wrote the post I had titled, “Today, It’s about the Sheep”, and then, accidentally, somehow wiped it out, deleted it, shipped it off into cyber space never to be retrieved by my hand again. I don’t know where it went or how I did it, but it was gone. Someone with more savvy than I could probably have retrieved it, but it didn't and doesn’t matter…and that’s the milestone I reached in my thinking. It really didn’t and doesn’t matter! It wasn’t the end of the world. My thoughts on sheep could, perhaps, be written down another way, and that’s the lesson I came away with. I didn’t curse. I didn’t scream and yell—like I usually do. I didn’t react. I felt nothing of that sinking feeling, that nausea that I had just lost what amounted to 3 hours of writing time and couldn’t get it back! My yesterday’s musings about why I had sheep were simply gone. I knew I would put those same thoughts about sheep and shepherding, and the environmental impact of both, on paper again. I would bring to life that same photograph I had edited from my files. I would do it 'better'. Today, perhaps! Another Now! The Sheep--well, they are still here; I can see them outside my window, grazing the tiny shoots of early grasses, insulated by the fresh snowfalls this last week, and they, my 4-legged little friends, are no worse for my having deleted the post I wrote yesterday! It really doesn’t matter! I will write it again today-if there's time.

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