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Renewed, Refreshed, and SheepSaavy...

The 49th Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was cold, wet, and unbelievably well attended and wonderful ... I am amazed every year, this being our 34th year as vendors (if you're counting the two years Covid kept us away), that people from all over the world and sheep from thousand of miles from their farms find their way to Howard County each first weekend in May to compete, or learn, to teach, and to show, sell, and/or purchase happily crafted goods - handmade and representative of fleeces of the very sheep on display and being shown in competition. Maryland S&W is a one-of-a-kind adventure, a unique look into the world of sheep, shepherding, the durability and beauty of wool as a fiber, and the historical presence that sheep have maintained throughout human evolution. Despite the cold and wet air that penetrated every bone and muscle of my being during the five days camping out-back (as we have always done), we loved seeing our friends, sharing the misery of damp clothing, wet socks, and muddy boots, and we much appreciated the effort of many who attended the festival and once more supported the 300 or so vendors who bring their items for sale; and, as always, the many shepherds who bring their sheep for show and sale, to share their farm experiences and insights. May we be so blessed this next year when the festival will hold and celebrate their 50th year...Sunday night coming home I was exhausted and wondered to myself whether I could do another year in the wet and cold. Yet, today, no matter the weather, whether rain, snow, sleet or hail (and we have at one time or another had one or another of all of these at MD S&W), Wilding Woolly Farm with their Wild 'n' Woolly Coopworth Dyed Locks partnered with Malik Family Farm Coopworth Sheep, will be there--the first booth across the show ring: Barn 3 Space 1 and in the Breeds Display Barn: Malik Family Coopworth Sheep!

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