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Lake or Sky - Winter's Footprint

Today was a balmy 46 degrees -- lovely WALKABOUT with the dogs checking on the sheep, Pinky and Thiona, Dog and Eoyore, struck silly by the sky -- so beautiful, so feathery, alight with phantom aerie nests, penetratingly blue...not sure that I wasn't looking UP into a lake of sapphire, diamonds, and the relections of a winter's night moon, frost and light snow dusting the edges. Tristan Cooley says to look not always at the clouds, but the blue, that which I like to call the 'in-between'. Within the 'in-between' lies the expanse, the One, The Force, The God Particles and The Heavens...reflections of our Life in this plane, on Earth...I was whisked away, touched by my dogs darting amongst themselves and the horse, flitting about, tossing snow clods hither and yon. Was I, too, just a reflection in the snow, of the snow, with the dogs walking past the barn ... cast in the Big Blue Lake in the Sky?

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