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Kudos to theMalik Family Farm & Their Coopworth Sheep!!!

Malik Family Farm took GRAND CHAMPION in the Breeds Display Barn with their booth and with their now registered ACR Coopworth Sheep!!! The Malik Family has taken off...taken over where we left off! They now have all Wild 'n' Woolly Coopworth Sheep, and have chosen to follow the Maymont / Wild 'n' Woolly management and breeding programs, in keeping with the New Zealand philosophy to raise hardy, prolific, performance recorded Coopworth sheep. They did a phenomenal job of displaying the heritage of their sheep, the lineages that trace their sheep back to foundation bloodlines of the original Coopworth breeders who established the notion of performance record analysis and selection from both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. In their booth, they displayed yarns, dyed wools, and other items from their sheep, and were present, demonstrating the blending and carding of wools while their two ewes, quietly watched and entertained visitors. The Maliks were sponsored by the American Coopworth Registry who recently accepted their sheep into the registry; The ACR banner, brochures, and other members' wool items were also exhibited at the booth.

It is a privilege knowing the Maliks are committed to the breed and to being good shepherds--it is an even greater privilege to know that they have chosen to take our sheep another step forward, to promote and take the breed another step forward...COOPWORTHS ARE GREAT SHEEP! Thank you, Malik Family Farm, for all the effort to get them to Maryland, thank you for all your time and effort to introduce your sheep to the world, and to further the promotion of the breed! See You in Maryland in 2023 in the Breeds Display Barn and in Barn 3 Space 1!

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