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Keeping it Simple...

Embracing today, the 2nd of January 2022: on WALKABOUT, with my 3 Anatolians, seeing that even the slightest of events, deer stealthily sneaking through the forest, a mole burrowing itself into a hole among the mountain of leaves and debris by the foot of a big oak tree, a distant crow calling its mate - is enough to make the three girls and me alert and happy to be outside, the mists and bits of drizzle tapping our shoulders, gray smoke waving in and out of our pathway. I am happy. Connected, the Earth grounds me, the sky opens to express its welcoming of new tides, new energies. There is nothing to stress over, all is right with the World and as it should be. Nothing is permanent. Keeping it Simple...just a woman, her dogs, the forest and this moment!

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