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"Wilding Woolly Critters All"

Stewarts of the Land


Sister and Brother to All Beings


Sharing This Farm as a Wildlife Refuge



We Love What We Do


Our 40-year Journey 


 the Source of our Strengths


a Joy to Share the Light and Wildness  


the Expanse and Spontaneity of All Things   

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Sissy overlooking the farm from the top of Bald Knob

About Just Us -- Hope 'n' Bev

"All I (Hope) ever really wanted to do was be an astronaut, own a farm, train horses and dogs, spend a lifetime on another planet in Outer Space, and maybe just walk off into the woods with my dog, or ride a horse or my bicycle wherever my feet, their feet, my legs, their legs took me". I worked in the dye and pigment industry for 10 years and traveled throughout the US in the 1970's and early 1980's .  I decided to raise sheep, grow wool, "live off the land"--on a workable, what we now refer to as a sustainable, "out-of-the-box", smaller farm. I would and did make it happen. My 'TARDIS' landed September 21, 1981!  I had not wanted a house, or electricity, but I ended up with both.  My main goal was to be isolated, off the beaten track, have recoverable pastoral acreage, maybe some fencing, and most importantly, safe and potable ground and well-water resources.  I arranged to purchase 30 acres with a house and barn and lots of little ponds and stream beds that very day below Bald Knob, 4 miles south of Mathias, West Virginia, and establish a first option in the deed to purchase the remaining 200 acres of the farm in the future. I married a 'local' man -a most lovable, genuinely salt-of-the-Earth gentleman farmer/machinist of renaissance character, three years later.  And, in 1994 we purchased all 200 acres of the farm. 



It's been 40 years now.  We are doing what we love, loving what we beings.  I might be a Mermaid.  Bev, a craftsman, caretaker, Avatar.  I love DYEING WOOL--color and color matching are still one of my passions, but more than that, I love the wildness, the freedom, the expanse, the everyday decisions, and the many animals that share my life, the land that I share with them, and the renaissance-man that helps me to manage it all." 

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